Headstocks rebuilt in 2019

1 machine currently on hand to be rebuilt and 2 incoming.

102 headstocks rebuilt so far in 2019

Parker, AL, 1984 machine

Stackowicz, IN, 1984 machine

McKenna, WA, 1985 machine

Welch, UT, 1980 machine

Havens, NC, 1954 machine

Van Groningen, MI, 1980 machine

Bradley, GA, 1955 machine

Rudd, WY, 1970s machine

Helt, NC, 1980 machine

Alexander, AL, 1985 machine

Anderson, FL, 1985 machine

Powers, SC, 1985 machine

Baggett, GA, 1983 machine

Davieau, MD, 1986 machine

Thelin, TX, 1982 machine

Schimmel, MS, 1980 machine

Wolk, CT, 1956 machine

Dodge, MA, 2005 machine

Brown, KY, 1982 machine

Daniels, OH, 1981 machine

Serritella, CA, 2003 machine

Dick, TX, 1980 machine

Ancellotti, VA, 1986 machine

Dickerson, IN, 1979 machine

Cervi, VA, 1982 machine

Bequette, WI, 1983 machine

Rose, GA, 1979 machine

Estep, PA, 1954 machine

Gorum, AL, 1982 machine

Gosbee, ME, 1979 machine

Gatling, NC, 1980 machine

Geijer, GA, 1992 machine

Craft, VA, 1955 machine

Stanbaugh, PA, 1991 machine

Sweeney, NY, 1982 machine

Phillips, MI, 1984 machine

Gelbrich, OR, 1982 machine

Hall, WV, 1985 machine

McDonald, GA, 1982 machine

Pittenger, VA, 1982 machine

Larason, MD, 1954 machine

Disney, CA, 1986 machine

Fonville, TX, 1955 machine

Atteberry, CA, 1962 machine

Lampkin, VA, 1982 machine

Murray, VA, 1997 machine

Carpenter, TX, 1983 machine

McCracken, KS, 1979 machine

Troupe, FL, 1993 machine

Pronga, IA, 1983 machine

Smith, TN, 1984 machine

Koch, PA, 1979 machine

Kurko, PA, 1985 machine

Day, GA, 1982 machine

Plank, AL, 1985 machine

Kapuscinski, MI, 1955 machine

Smith, MI, 1982 machine

Bednarczyk, MA, 1982 machine

Conner, AZ, 1978 machine

Hanson, IL, 1990 machine

Weaver, CO, 1988 machine

Sanford, OK, 1985 machine

Braig, TX, 1982 machine

Swimeley, WY, 1980 machine

Katzenbach, NV, 1985 machine

Dudek, GA, 1983 machine

Jenkins, SC, 1979 machine

Marr, VA, 1990 machine

Sturgeon, ME, 1982 machine

Reese, MD, 1978 machine

Carricato, PA, 1983 machine

Rogers, MI, 1984 machine

Alcorn, VA, 1977 machine

Mahnke, SC, 1979 machine

Leuchtmann, CO, 1983 machine

Nelson, CO, 1981 machine

Hendricks, SC 1980 machine

Koone, TX, 1978 machine

Chapman, PA, 1983 machine

Nousaine, CA, 1956 machine

Hitchcock, WV, 1955 machine

Serinese, NJ, 1982 machine

VanBuskirk, TN, 1984 machine

Dugan, PA, 1956 machine

Condit, UT, 1955 machine

Perucci, GA, 1981 machine

Burpee, TX, 1956 machine

Avery #2, CT, 2007 machine

Galkiewicz, NY, 1986 machine

Zemcuznikov, MO, 1978 machine

Wales, CO, 1955 machine

Larson, SD, 1984 machine

Hamilton, PA, 1956 machine

Anderson, MA, 1981 machine

Cusack, MA, 1974 machine

Blake, NY, 1953 machine

Nicholson, WA, 1978 machine

Finley, MO, 1981 machine

Braid, WA, 1981 machine

Sperry, CA, 1989 machine

Rohrer, IL, 1961 machine

Avery, CT, 1981 machine

12 headstocks rebuilt in December 2018

155 headstocks rebuilt in 2018 and

More than 1,700 machines rebuilt over the past 11 years

Wintertime is a great time to get your tools in order, because you know you will be busy with spring projects soon.

12 Headstocks rebuilt in December 2018

Guest, OK, 1955 machine

Starr, TX, 1981 machine

Brown, AL, 1985 machine

Nordby, CA, 1981 machine

Linebaugh, MI, 1981 machine

Woodley, VA, 1982 machine

Brown, OH, 1982 machine

McCoy, CA, 1983 machine

Harty, TN, 1984 machine

Minagil, NV, 1989 machine

Lisiewski, IL, 1959 machine

Galligher, MN, 1984 machine

1 on hand to be rebuilt, and 9 currently incoming for January.

Slots for December filled up and slots for January repairs already sold out.

Here are a few recent thank you emails.

Jacob – Thanks for helping me out the Greenie runs great have a safe and happy holiday season. Dan

Jacob, I received the headstock. Everything looks good. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Hope you have a great Holiday Season! Take care, Terry

Mr. Anderson, I binge watched all of your you tube videos today so I would have a full understanding of the inner working of the machine. To say the least, I am very impressed how you have carved out a niche with the internet so you can have a cottage industry and reach out, literally, to the world. Congratulations, you are a unique man. Incidentally, watching your metamorphosis through the videos when you are visible, is interesting.

My parts inventory is usually about $20,000 in cost. I stock everything I could possibly need for Mark V headstock repairs, and I sell over 80 items in my online store for maintenance and do it yourselfers.

12 headstocks rebuilt in November 2018

Cold weather is here and it is perfect for repair projects and gift making.

12 Headstocks rebuilt in November 2018

Wedge, FL, 1985 machine

Langford, WI, 1956 machine

Zajac, TX, 1956 machine

Worsham, CA, 1970s machine

Wilkins, MD, 1979 machine

Dodge, CT, 1991 machine

Magin, VA, 1989 machine

Devine, CA, 1993 machine

Hines, ME, 1985 machine

Wilson, OK, mid 1970s machine

Martin, VA, 1992 machine

Hehman, IN, 1980 machine

2 headstocks currently on hand to be rebuilt and 3 incoming for December.

I have received a lot of thank you emails from repair, parts and video customers this past month. Here are a few:

Been ripping 3” walnut the motor/drive doesn’t even heat up. Building Christmas presents. Thanks again for the rebuild. Brent

Thank you Jacob. I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to using my Shopsmith for another 30 years! Ernie

Great news! I followed your video and have everything working correctly! Thank you for all your help!! Chuck

Hello Jacob – The headstock has been received and remounted – thanks for the thorough job with all of the printed warnings, etc. Robert

Good Evening Jacob, I want to thank you for sending out my new power switch and pigtails. (and cool Eklund 5/32” T-handle hex wrench)
Thank you so much for all the great stuff you have put out there for us. Matthew

Hi Jacob, I received the Fed Ex shipping statement. Thank you so much for your swift service! I can’t wait to get the Shopsmith up and running again! Jim

Jacob,I received my headstock yesterday, on schedule. Unpacked it today, and plan to mount it this weekend. Thanks for resurrecting it for me, and for the tips. I’m looking forward to putting it to use. -Greg

thanks for your speedy service. gary

Jacob- Letting you know that I’ve received the headstock and already have it re-installed. No problems with the shipping. I’m very happy with the work and the turnaround-time. I’m back in business! -Tony

14 headstocks rebuilt in October 2018

Fall is coming fast, so send in your headstock now so your machine is ready for your fall and winter fix up and gift making projects. Slots for headstock repairs for November are open now. See my web store to secure your position in line.

14 Headstocks rebuilt in October, 2018

Gentile, CT, 1954 machine

Evetts, TX, 1956 machine

Stedman, GA, 1982 machine

McCready, MN, 1985 machine

Deck, CO, 1956 machine

Bott, TN, 1984 machine

Page, NY, 1981 machine

McKinley, ME, 1981 machine

Doyle, NC, 1981 machine

Farrell, FL, 1985 machine

Atwell, TX, 2005 machine

Linde, PA, 1970s machine

Scannell, TX, 1970s machine

Slaton, OK, 1989 machine

2 headstocks on hand to be rebuilt, and 4 incoming for November work.

Here are a few recent thank you emails from customers:

Thank you for your parts and service. The machine is back and running again! Andy

I put it together today and I am very pleased with the way it runs.
Thanks again, it was well worth the money.


Jacob.. Just wanted to say thanks for the great service! I placed my order on monday and it arrived on friday!! I’ve owned shopsmiths over the past 45 yrs….fun machine for the home shop. Jim

Jacob, received my headstock today. Wow, what a difference. Thanks for restoring my fathers Shopsmith. I’m sure my grandson will enjoy it when it comes his turn. Thanks for your help. Bob

After determining what parts i needed (Thanks to your videos), I placed an order Thursday evening. They were in my hand from Virginia to Oregon on Monday morning!! What great service!!


Jacob, I received the headstock today, mounted it and ran it. It is working fine. Thanks for getting it back to me. Hopefully the hurricane is not affecting you too severely. Fred

Ignoring bad noises causes extra damage in a machine. Stop and investigate!

10 headstocks rebuilt in September, 2018

Two things disrupted my work flow this month. Hurricane Florence was close but spared us. And I had the first week of the month off for a family wedding out of town. But the remainder of the month went fine.

Headstocks rebuilt in September, 2018

Baudais, WI, 1989 machine

Miller, VA, 1990 machine

Hoppe, CA, 1990 machine

Groth, KS, 1986 machine

White, IL, 1981 machine

Stickley, AZ, 1978 machine

Hansmeyer, TX, 1954 machine

Smith, CA, 1978 machine

Santos, TX, 2000 machine

Smith, GA, 1983 machine

2 headstocks on hand to rebuild, and 1 incoming for next month. Only accepting a total of 15 machines for October so send yours in soon!

Here are a few recent thank you emails from recent customers:

Jacob, A real pleasure to work with this again. Runs very smooth and adjusts so easily. Thanks for your expertise and fine work.

And….the Quick Turnaround! Brent

I got my saw in the mail today (1:30 est), and i’ve tried it out and it works. Thanks so much for getting it done so quickly. Bill

I received my shopsmith on Friday from fedex. Works and sounds like it did in 81. Thank you for your work and your prompt responses. My daughters have a list of projects ready for me😀 Steve

Mr. Anderson,

I received my overhauled headstock on Thursday, right on schedule. I installed it on its rails and plugged it in. The headstock purrs like a kitten. Thank you very much for your work on it. The process is transparent, the turnaround is fast, and the repair gives me essentially a brand-new machine.
Thanks again for your fantastic service. Best regards, Paul

10 headstocks rebuilt in August 2018

For September I am again accepting only a maximum of 15 headstocks for the month. Slots for repairs for September are now available.

Headstocks rebuilt in August, 2018

Howard, WA, 1996 machine

Derenthal, FL, 1981 machine

Ridder, MO, 1981 machine

Theis, NY, 1979 machine

Ranallo, GA, 1979 machine

Crandall, TN, 1977 machine

Heath, ID, 1962 machine

Nelson, NE, 1980 machine

Salwasser, MN, 1956 machine

Strauss, VA, 1988 machine

No headstock on hand to be rebuilt, but 3 incoming for September repair.

Here are some recent thank you emails from customers:

Wow this was fast! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to using my shop smith again. Keith

Mr. Anderson, I received my overhauled headstock on Thursday, right on schedule. I installed it on its rails and plugged it in. The headstock purrs like a kitten. Thank you very much for your work on it. The process is transparent, the turnaround is fast, and the repair gives me essentially a brand-new machine.

Thanks again for your fantastic service. Best regards, Paul

Hello Jacob, I got the machine back together and it runs smooth and quiet. Thanks for your help, great videos. John

I received my shopsmith on Friday from fedex. Works and sounds like it did in 81. Thank you for your work and your prompt responses. My daughters have a list of projects ready for me😀 Steve

Wow Jacob, You have been such a pleasure to work with. Your business model is superb. I can not thank you enough. I wish you the best of all good things.

Thanks again Jacob. It’s assembled and working great. It is a great service you provide for Shop Smith owners. Even for greenies like mine.



Don’t ignore metal on metal grinding sounds or you can cause even more damage. Stop the machine and inspect!

11 headstocks rebuilt in July 2018

July started off slower because of the awkwardly placed July 4 holiday. But I stayed busy sending out parts, manuals, video links, etc for my web store. I am now only accepting a max of 15 machines per month for repair, and slots for July sold out. I just opened 15 slots for August as well so secure your spot if you need work done on your headstock.

11 headstocks rebuilt in July 2018:

Safrit, NC, 1983 machine

Hartzler, OH, 1980 machine

Burton, CA, 1954 machine

Bowald, OH, 1979 machine

Deneve, MI, 1962 machine

Landess, WA, 1956 partial machine

Guddat, NV, 1984 machine

Batt, MA, 1993 machine

Moore, CA, 1981 machine

Georgeson, WA, 1992 machine

Rowley, KS, 1956 machine

3 headstocks on hand to rebuild, 1 incoming going into August.

Here are a few recent thank you emails from repair and parts customers:

Jacob – got my headstock back yesterday & was like a kid at Christmas. Within an hour had it unpacked, remounted and spun up through the speeds. It runs smoother & quieter than any time in the 30+ years I’ve owned it. Thanks for a great improvement, and I really appreciate you returned it calibrated & reset to lowest speed.


Jacob, just wanted you to know that we returned to Kansas with the Shopsmith intack, it is up and purring – Made two items on it and cleaned and OILED it right after.
Thanks for fitting us into your schedule. All the Best,

Stephanie and Dave

Yesterday I received and installed the “Beefy Drive Belt” I ordered from you. Your videos were perfect. To my eye, my old belt looked pretty good. After viewing one of your videos I better understood the importance of the width of the belt (my old one was right at .5”). I decided to try your beefy drive belt. Based on your video, installation was a breeze. What a difference! More power than I have ever had. The most bang for the buck I could imagine in an upgrade for my Mark V.



Hi Jacob,

I received my headstock today. It suffered no ill effects from the shipping and it runs like new. All the noise/vibration is gone.

Thanks again for your repairs. This is a great service you provide to us Shopsmith owners.


See my web store for more than 80 items I offer.

9 headstocks rebuilt in June 2018

June 22 – On vacation now! Be sure to watch my free videos here on the web site for maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Because of a vacation trip the final week of June, I accepted only 10 machines this month. In July I will again accept 15 machines for service. Spots for July are now open and available in my web store.

Headstocks rebuilt in June 2018

Robinson, MO, 1989 machine

Davis, NC, 1980 machine

Denzer, TX 1981 machine

Harris, VA, 1978 machine

White, CA, 1983 machine

Pollman, MO, 1956 machine

Davis, WI, 1959 machine

Berner, WI, 1983 machine

Brown, IL, 1985 machine

None on hand to be rebuilt, but 2 incoming for July.

Here are a few recent testimonials from customers:

Jacob: Headstock received. Thanks so much. It is quieter than it has ever been since I purchased it (used). I have used it for 2-3 hours so far, and it works well. I will try and keep up with the lubrication schedule. Bill

Thank you! I’d also like to say thank you for all your videos. They have been a great help to me and no doubt countless others. So naturally your place is my first stop for parts.
I purchased a 1981 Mark V off Craigslist. Cleaned it up and got it running smooth till that bearing fetched up.You may be amused to hear that the cost of a belt, bearing and shipping exceed what I paid for the machine! I owe you a beer or 3 🙂 John

I really appreciate your great service and your thorough communication. I am not a Facebook person so I can’t ‘like’ you there, but let me know if there is some other way I can support and promote your services.

Thanks again, Tom

Just received markV lower belt and oiler. That belt made a huge
difference in smoothness and noise, Thanks!

oiler is very handy as you said <grin>


Belts almost always need replacing if they are over 10 years old. They get stiff, shred, crack, wear narrower, etc over time. The upper belts can last 25 years but should be replaced then even if there is no obvious problems with them.

12 headstocks rebuilt in May 2018

I am only accepting 10 machines for June and 4 slots are already spoken for. Get your spot today by paying a $50 deposit in my web store. Click here

12 Headstocks rebuilt in May, 2018

Canfield, FL, 1981 machine

Haag, N.Y., 1954 machine

Kreuser, WI, 1982 machine

Hill, TX, 1984 machine

Cope, FL, 1984 machine

Armistead, TX, 1986 machine

Bajnai, VA, 1955 machine

Halterman, AZ, 1997 machine

Cancilla, NY, 1981 machine

Strange, TX, 1970’s machine

Franklin, OH, 1954 machine

Levering, MN, 1982 machine

2 on hand to be rebuilt, 1 incoming, send yours to me now.

Here are some thank you emails from recent repair customers:

I put the shopsmith to work this weekend. works great. thanks again.



I received my headstock yesterday, and ran it briefly. I plan on putting to work next week. The unit was quiet and the quill return is much better.



Hi Jacob,
The headstock arrived yesterday and I installed it today. It runs wonderfully. Thanks for your efforts!


Received the Mark 5 head yesterday evening. Put it on this morning and it sounds good.Much better than before. Thank you for your service. Tom


Jacob: I received my headstock from Fed Ex in apparently good conditionand re-mounted it. It sounds much quieter and seems to
have a little extra rpm. Thanks for your work and your service. I

am quite pleased! Rick

I always keep a large inventory of the bearings and belts needed for Mark V headstocks.

1,600 headstocks rebuilt now

I have been a specialist in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs for 10-1/2 years now. In April I passed the landmark of machine number 1,600 since I began specializing.

Here are some thank you emails from customers in April 2018:

Jacob –

I got my Shopsmith back last Thursday in great shape and got in installed. I have used it for a couple of small turning projects and it works and sounds great. I am very pleased with it. Thanks, Larry

Hey Jacob – Received the head and it shipped in perfect shape. Looks great but I have not installed it. Next week I will be painting the base and waxing the slides, then installing it. Thanks for all your help. Rob

Received my mark v back, and it works perfectly.

Thank you for making the experience of dismounting, packaging, shipping, and remounting stress free.
Not something I can say about Shopsmith, who have yet to answer my 3 emails.



Jacob: Thanks for the outstanding work you did on my Mark V. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you. Howard.

I received my 1959 Shopsmith headstock in January 2018 from Jacob. The Shopsmith was purchased by my father in 1959. I remember when he fired it up and how it sounded. Jacob has put a magic touch on my head stock. The headstock purrs like a kitten and I believe it runs better than when my dad first fired it up in 1959.

Jacob did an excellent job on my headstock. He kept me informed all along the way from initial delivery to receipt. I could not have stumbled upon a better person. Jacob took a worn out headstock and brought it back to life in better than new condition.

Thank you so much for the quality service and dedication you provided to me.


I recieved the parts a day before I expected them. Thank you for your quick service. I also really appreciate the how to videos.


Thank you for sharing your ShopSmith videos online. I would’ve been completely lost trying to restore the 70’s Mark V that I was fortunate to acquire for $100. I’ll use it as a lathe, but I just may expand its capabilities.

I was able to tear down the headstock step by step and determine exactly what I needed to free it from the rust that was acquired over 15 years of non-use. In addition to the belts and bearings, you emailed me the video links necessary to install the items. They were spot on.

I’ve attached a pic and a video. I believe you should get most of the credit for getting her running!

Thank you!


Got the head stock back late Tuesday got it all back together and it runs great. Thank you again for such a great job. If I ever need any repairs again you have the job

Good Evening Jacob,

The head stock arrived this morning and I have already put it back on
the way tubes and checked it out. Runs like a new machine and I am
very pleased. You are providing an excellent service to Shopsmith
owners. Thank you very much for you repairs to my machine.


My headstock arrived at noon. It is now mounted and runs like a new one. Thank you for the speedy and expert repair.

It was worth the price just to get the quill working correctly.

Thanks for the notification and quick turnaround on my headstock. I’m looking forward to using it again. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly be recommending you to friends who need your services.

Thanks again


Jacob, just wanted you to know that all is properly assembled and the SS
works great. I cut a large piece of plywood today and all was easy. I have a
SS jigsaw and that also worked as expected. Thanks so much for making my
1980 run perfect. You did an exceptional job and
I am very pleased. Good health in the coming year. Don

Hi Jacob

The headstock arrived today. Thanks so much for the quick service. Claire