Nice endorsement

This post is on the yahoo group SSUSERS forum. I remember doing a machine for him several years ago, and he has since become the moderator of this forum. I really appreciate this endorsement out of the blue!

A plug for Jacob Anderson

Sun Feb 1, 2015 8:14 am (PST) . Posted by:poplarbuild

My 520 headstock returned repaired, serviced and ready to run from Jacob Anderson. It’s was gone about 10 days I think start to finish. I contacted SS after it came back just for S&G … turn around 6 to 8 weeks .. huh ?? Now the lady did say it is much faster then that but that’s what we are told to quote customers. OK so I couldn’t do that time out if I wanted too, but even a hobbyist isn’t gonna / wanna wait that long. Seems SS needs to work a deal with JA his repair system is much better then theirs. I just don’t know … I love these machines they serve me well, but SS seems to trip on the stairs over and over. Seems to me at this point in SS history “quick” reliable service is something they should cultivate tooth and nail. I can’t imagine they are selling to many of the new Mark VIIs with the price tag it has. Just thinking out loud. Pop