17 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2015

Moran, Alaska
Cantwell, TX
Willetts, FL
Collison, TX
Hagan, VA
Blair, MN
Bratt, WY
Seppelfrick, IL
Rutledge MO
Graham, LA
Miller, IL
Crawford, OK
Czyzewski, MI
Mytnik, FL
Johns, IA
Heinz, OH
Armstrong, CO

A recent repair, remounted on his nice machine!

Here’s a thank you email from one of the above customers:

My Shopsmith headstock arrived last Thursday.  I was very impressed with the fast turnaround – less than two weeks!  My Shopsmith was purchased in 1984 and now runs again like new.  The machine is quieter, and the speed changing is now very smooth.  Thank you for your outstanding and professional service! Bill


Bearings are always needed on machines more than 10 or 15 years old.

One thought on “17 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2015

  1. Hello Jacob, just a little message about my S.S. the machine runs great . The exchange from Mi. to Va. and back to Mi. was supper quick . The machine was shipped on Tuesday and delivered on Thursday just two days. Also the overhaul of the S.S. makes it run so smooth and quiet and changing speeds is easy .Great Job! O, by the way would you have parts for the band saw I may be looking ? Possibly let me know and I’d get back to you at a later date . Joe

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