18 Headstocks rebuilt in May, 2015

Sheetz, OR, 1959 machine
Components for Supernavage, NC
Batt, MA, 1980 machine
Watson, FL 1980 machine
Kirks, TX, 1957 machine
Eyler, SC, 1981 machine
Tacito, MA, 1985 machine
Janeczko, NJ, 1986 machine
Harvey, KS, 1960 machine
Long, VA, 1955 machine
Selley, KS, 1954 machine
Moreno, CA, 1996 machine
LaGanga, CT, 1954 machine
Rosier, OK, 1981 machine
Good, TX, late ’70’s machine
Strahorn, FL, 1985 machine
Olson, OK, 1982 machine
Wayne, CO, 1962 machine
Wiggins, LA, early 1980’s machine


This brownie was repainted while in for repairs.


Parts replaced in a recent 1980’s machine


Once every couple of months I replace a fried motor. Here is a recent example.

Testimonial from a recent customer:

The headstock arrived yesterday and I was ready for it.  Got everything mounted and checked and everything seems to be better than I’ve ever seen or heard it before!  This is what it sounded and worked like when my dad got it in 1955.   I’ll start cutting lumber tomorrow and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces.  I know it’s your job but I definitely appreciate the good work you did.  I’m happy now and I’ll be even happier once I get to use it!

Thanks again..Dan