12 Headstocks rebuilt in June 2015

Lutz, IN, 1987 machine
Maas, MN, 1991 machine
Turner, SC, 1985 machine (drove up for the repair!)
Clarke, CO, 1960 machine
Vosburg, MD, 1987 machine
Koltunowicz, MI, 1982 machine
Kerr, NE, 1981 machine
Fletcher, LA, 1983 machine
Sabreen, CT, 1955 machine
Munson, VA, 1959 machine
Myers, NJ, 1956 machine
Brown, NH, 1985 machine


An example of a badly worn drive belt in a recent repair. It was only about 1/4 as wide as it should have been, and prevented the machine from having proper speeds. When they get narrow, they can get bound up the the sheave and stop the motor from turning, which can quickly burn up a motor.