18 headstocks rebuilt in September, 2015

Wagner, SD, mid-1960’s machine
Scott, PA, 1983 machine
Allen, GA, 1980 machine
Ventresca, PA 2005 machine
Sheets, OK, 1979 machine
Daly, TX, 1982 machine
Bawcom, VA, 1981 machine
Freeman, LA, ’80s machine
Weber, NH, 1982 machine
Leroy, PA, 1982 machine
Anderson, MD, 1995 machine
Antolik, OH, 1984 machine
Dodge, MA, 1981 machine
Underwood, GA, 1980 machine
Stoltz, CO, late 19 70’s machine
Ketteridge, WA, 1981 machine
Forbes, CA, 1955 machine
Ryan, MA, 1956 machine

5 more on hand to fix; 3 on the way here, send yours in now.


Some previous owner made a creative attempt to repair 2 broken ears in the casting behind the speed control on this recent repair. But, the casting was also badly broken at the idler shaft interface so I replaced the casting.


My belt inventory. Most machines need belts either due to wear, damage or simply from age degradation.