15 headstocks rebuilt in October, 2015

Urback, WA, 1986 machine
Shelton, TN, 1979 machine
Dodge, MA, 1995 machine
Carlson, MN, 1985 machine
Klinger, PA, 1979 machine
Losey #2, GA, 1956 machine
McCall, WY, 1958 machine
Shea/Zambrano, IL, 1985 machine
Edwards, VA, 1981 machine
French, MN, 1989 machine
Smail, IL, 1983 machine
Loper, FL, 1984 machine
Holtmeier, CO, 1984 machine
Sherman, CA, late 1970’s machine
Tollefson, TX, 1956 machine

2 other machines on hand to rebuild. Get yours in now so you are ready for your fall and winter projects.

A “thank you” email from a recent repair:
I just mounted my headstock. Sounds better than ever. Great job. John


A recent greenie machine repair, painted at customer request.


A recent repair, painted by the customer with appliance paint. Not bad looking!