13 headstocks rebuilt in November, 2015

November had a quiet start and finish here! Be ready for last minute craft projects and gift making. Send in your headstock now. See my page for details on how to ship it economically yet securely. I have a typical one week turnaround.

Headstocks rebuilt in November:

Upton, GA, 1983 machine
Hasel, OH, 1956 machine
Rodriguez, VA, 1993 machine
Harry, NC, 1993 machine
Davis, VA, 1981 machine
Robbins, AL, 1981 machine
Bonzek, VA, 1977 machine
Stout, PA, 1990 machine
Moorehouse, MA, 1985 machine
Gilsdorf, NE, 1957 machine
Marshall, MN, 1985 machine
Annis, MD, 1984 machine
Proehl, CO, 1985 machine

No more machines on hand to repair. One on the way. I could be working on yours next. Send yours in now!

Dust kills bearings, motors, and gunks up your sheaves, preventing them from moving well. Worse, dust gets in your lungs and can kill you, too. Use source dust collection for your health and your machine’s longevity.


Here’s a disintegrated bearing from a motor in a recent repair.


Here’s a destroyed control sheave from a recent repair.