21 headstocks rebuilt in January, 2016

Hopefully amongst your resolutions for 2016 is to do more woodworking! Get your machine working like a top, send it in now before it gets super busy, or order repair parts and do it yourself.

Davis, OR, 1990 machine
Hutcheson, NC, 1980 machine
Keelean, MI, 1992 machine
Strunk, VA, 1986 machine
Fox, TN, 1983 machine
Schiffer, TX, 1980 machine
Lawhon, NC, 1982 machine
Beatty, FL, 1985 machine
Smith, MO, 1985 machine
McPhetridge, CA, 2004 machine
Pritcher , SC, 1984 machine
Klevmyr, CA, 1985 machine
Dolson, TX, 1962 machine
Schanche, GA, 1959 machine
Hankins, KS, 1987 machine
Halbadier, NV, 1985 machine
McEntee, NJ, 1984 machine
Reay, WI, 1981 machine
Capeling, MI, 1957 machine
Roberts, NC, 1983 machine
Cleaver, VA, 1983 machine

2 more on hand ready to rebuild.

Feedback from 2 recent customers:

“Thanks for the work and thanks for getting it done so quickly.   I hadn’t had time to do much but inspect to make sure no damage from shipping and today I got home from work a little earlier than normal, so I mounted the headstock and turned it on.    Wow, it sounds like my brothers machine (he purchased his new) so I am really happy with that.” Roy

“My experience has been incredible both in 2011 and in 2016. I took my Shopsmith to Jacob in an unusable condition and watched his mechanical genius at work. Back to new in 3 hours. He had on hand all parts needed and had me back in business the next day. You can’t go wrong. Roger”

Example of damage to both the control sheave and the quadrant from continuing to use the machine after a control sheave bearing failure, despite what had to be horrendous metal on metal screeching noise.


Badly worn and damaged poly v belt from a recent repair, caused by idler shaft misalignment.