19 headstocks rebuilt in February, 2016

Greene, GA, 1979 machine
Ippoliti, FL, 1982 machine
Rotondi, NJ, 1989 machine
Hamilton, NY, 1983 machine
Harrison, IL, 1988 machine
Buchs, WI, 1979 machine
Piper, GA, 1955 machine
Lehman, NC, 1984 machine
Beyus, NJ, 1981 machine
Palmiter, MI, 1981 machine
Walker, MD, 1954 machine
Mendez, CA, 1989 machine
Dodge, MA, 1981 machine
Welin, FL, 1981 machine
Janousek, VA, 1954 machine
Brown, MI, 1983 machine
Starbuck, KY, 1979 machine
Jones, CA, 1982 machine
Uptain, CA, 1960 machine

2 on hand to rebuild and 1 more incoming this week.

Here’s a thank you email from one of my recent repair customers:

“Hi Jacob. My headstock arrived home today. And of course I was eager to try it out. Thank you so much. It is like a new machine! You do great work and revived a great old machine. Thank you!”

And another from the customers above:

“Hi Jacob, My headstock arrived yesterday in fine shape. It runs beautifully!
Thank you for such excellent service! Doug”

This week, 3 customers requested longer electrical cords for their machines. Be sure to use the correct gauge, grounded and suitable for outdoor use cord.


My shop was so cold this week, despite heat, I used these mechanics’ gloves for the first time in 9 years.


I had a close call in my shop wiring recently. Melted outlet. I don’t know if it was defective, or if the connecting wire slipped out some.