18 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2016

The weather is moderating, so it won’t be long until you are out in your shop working on many spring projects. Send in your headstock now for servicing, so it is ready for those projects.

Pearson, PA, 1979 machine
Barnard, WA, 1980 machine
Standish, CT, 1954 machine
St Denis, CA, mid 1970’s machine
Goryl, TN, 1988 machine
Plocar, VA, 1985 machine
Goran, NY, 1986 machine
Heisler, SC, 1982 machine
Trinkle, MS, 1985 machine
McDaniel, NY, 1984 machine
Starbuck machine #2, KY, 1984 machine
Dripps, IL, 1984 machine
Hoffman, MI, 1981 machine
McCool, GA, 2002 machine
Hankins, unit #2, KS, 1983 machine
Mellen, KS , 1990 machine
Walcker, MN, 1956 machine
Vogelsinger, NC, 19 70’s machine

2 on hand to rebuild and 1 incoming. Get yours in now.

A thank you email from a recent customer:
“The headstock arrived on Friday.  I was able to hook it up and it works fantastic.  I didn’t realize how “out of tune” it was until I turned it on and noticed that everything is a lot tighter and there is more power.  I appreciate your adding the additional cord length.  It fits my work room perfectly.  Thank you again!” John

A good attempt to fix a lethal casting break, but not good enough. A break in this area needs a replacement casting. Photo from a recent headstock sent to me.