6 headstocks rebuilt in April, 2016

Wow, April was more than a little bit slow, so it is a perfect time for you to send in your headstock or components for service.

Headstocks rebuilt in April, 2016:

Reichmann, FL, 1993 machine
Saurman, NC, 1985 machine
Sayler, GA, 1983 machine
Pattee, IN, 1982 machine
Roberts, FL, 1980 machine
Hogan, CA, 1984 machine

Luckily, I had a bunch of do it yourselfers who sent in their components for servicing, and sold a boatload of parts, videos, manuals, etc.

A thank you email from a recent repair customer:
“Jacob, I thank you for the work that you do, your attention to details, and the promptness of the turn around. It was indeed a pleasure to work and correspond with you. Kenneth ”

Haha! Sometimes I’m this grubby after working on headstocks.