31 headstocks rebuilt in July, 2016

It has been a very busy month, this is a new record for me doing this many in a month.

 Headstocks rebuilt in July:

Howison, GA , 1991 machine 

Townsend, GA, mid 1970’s machine

Solis, CA, 1986 machine 

Bacon, GA, early 1980’s machine 

Hughes, PA, 1990 machine 

Demme, NY, 1981 machine

Johnson, NY,  1954 machine 

Pueppke, NE, 1980 machine 

Stokke, SD, 1980 machine 

Sefczek, VA, 1985 machine 

Dodge, CT, 1990 machine 

Archer, TX, 1990 machine 

Vanderheyden, CA, 1987 machine 

Merriner, VA, 1985 machine 

Jernigan, FL, 1983 machine 

Mueller, CT, 1970’s machine 

Deweese, VT, 1979 machine 

Boone, WI, 1956 machine 

Skinner, TX, 1953 machine 

Douglas, AZ, 1981 machine 

Moore, NC, 1958 machine 

Crevis, GA, 1986 machine 

Snyder, GA, 1980 machine 

Casper, VA, 1982 machine 

Kelly, VA, 1984 machine 

Ruehs, WI, mid 70’s machine 

Schiela, NY, 1962 and 1982 machines

Welteroth, VA, 1981 machine 

Bowlby, WV, 1956 machine 

McClenny,  TX, 1984 machine 

2 left on hand to rebuild, and 4 more incoming.

Here’s a thank you email from a recent customer:

Jacob – I received my headstock yesterday.After over 40 years of making projects from pen sets to clocks, I forgot how quiet and good my Mark V ran. It is like new.The repair charge was extremely fair and the turn-around was very quick.Thank you Jacob for a great job.    Frank

My work over the Independence Day holiday weekend: 5 machines ready to go out.

Here’s a gilmer drive sleeve without a clutch. Some owners erroneously think all of them had a clutch. From a 1954 unit.

Another batch of 5 rebuilt headstocks heading to their homes.