18 headstocks rebuilt in August, 2016

This month things were back to a more of a normal pace.

Headstocks rebuilt in August 2016:

Jernigan machine #2, FL, 1984 model

Hankins machine #3, KS, 1985 model

Dunscombe, WA, 2002 machine 

Lustre machine #1, VA, 1979 model

Lustre machine #2, VA, 2002 model

Lustre machine #3, VA, 1982 model

Reeves, OH, mid 1970’s machine

Gifford, NY, 1988 machine 

Cone, MI, 2000 machine 

Pierce, NC, 1981 machine 

Mcguire, IA, 1979 machine 

Millar, MI, 1959 machine

Roach, TX, 1982 machine 

Bagwell, PA, 1979 machine 

Milner, TN, 1988 machine 

Stockton, AR, 1992 machine 

Shapiro, GA, 1992 machine 

Pearson, VA, 1994 machine 

Just one left on hand to rebuild and 3 more incoming this week. Send yours in now!

Travelling customer Lustre brought me 3 machines for servicing!

A well preserved Greenie I recently rebuilt.

Thank you emails from recent customers:

Fedex delivered my headstock late yesterday afternoon. I mounted it this afternoon and tested it by completing the job I had just started when the headstock quit running.

It’s probably as close as I’ll ever come to knowing what a new ShopSmith feels like. Even with a well-used saw blade, the machine purrs like a kitten and runs like a tiger.

In this throwaway world, it’s nice to know that there are a few honest craftsmen left. Thanks for being one of them.


Received my headstock today. Remounted it and gave it a try.  It sounds better than new.
Thanks for the prompt service. Put me on your list of happy customers.
Thanks again.


Hi Jacob,

    I am sending you an email because I want to thank you for the great repair work you did on my shopsmith headstock.  It runs VERY quiet an it works just like new.  After I put it back on the way tubes and turned it on I could not believe how great it ran, I had the desire to saw up every board that I had. 

Thanking you very, very much,