13 headstocks rebuilt in September, 2016

This month was a little slower.

13 Headstocks rebuilt in September, 2016

Harris, VA, 1992 machine 

Jernigan, FL, 1953 machine 

Simmons, CA, 1954 machine 

Smith, MS, 1979 machine 

Stephenson, NH, 1983 machine 

Souers, IL, 1954 machine 

Bartow,  VA, 1983 machine 

Paradise, CA, 1977 machine 

Beard, MN, 1982 machine 

Clark, NY, 1985 machine 

Long, MA, 1986 machine 

Needham, TX, 1989 machine 

Scharping, MI, 1979 machine 

3 on hand to rebuild and 2 incoming so it is a great time to send yours in for servicing.

Here is a thank you email from a recent repair customer:

Mr. Anderson, headstock back on my shop smith.  Runs great and a lot quieter.  Thanks for getting it back so quickly.  Hope it runs for another 37 years.   Richard

I encounter all sorts of worn out and broken things when I rebuild machines!

2 of the four variations of the gilmer drive sleeve assembly.