16 headstocks rebuilt in November 2016

The month started off slowly, but it picked up.

16 headstocks  rebuilt this month:

Waltz, TN, 1980 machine 

Cline, TX, 1983 machine 

Nelson, WA, 1983 machine 

Parrack, KS,  1982 machine 

Whited, TX, 1984 machine

Rupke, MI, 1982 machine 

Atwell, TX, 2005 machine

Peters, TX, 2001 machine  

McCann, AL, 2003 machine 

Garrison, GA, 1992 machine 

Strand, RI, 1953 machine 

Elborn-Brown, MD 1983 machine

LeBouef, NH, 1978 machine 

Crim, IN, 1983 machine 

Kilpatrick , FL, 1980 machine 

Potter, OK, 1979 machine 

Just 1 remains on hand to rebuild, and none are incoming so it is a great time to send yours in for servicing.

A thank you email from a recent repair customer:

​I received my headstock today.  Great service–have installed already and runs great.  Thanks for such professional and quick service—we are lucky to have you available to provide repairs on our shopsmith tools. Thanks again  Doug

Burned up Emerson motor in a 2005 unit

Burned up internal centrifugal switch in a GE roundback motor from a 1982 unit.