15 Headstocks rebuilt in January 2017

Due to a recent accident, I have been limiting my work to just 3 to 5 headstocks per week. I am recovering from multiple cracks in my low back, hip and pelvis, and have doctors orders to keep weight off my right leg, so I can’t stand for my normal 3 to 4 hour sessions. I am working just a couple of hours a day currently.

If you have your headstock ready to ship to me, contact me for shipping address.

Headstocks rebuilt in January 2017:

Bowdler, NY, 1980 machine 

Davies, PA, 1987 machine 

Bozyczko #1, NY 1993 machine 

Bozyczko #2, NY converted greenie

Dibble, NY, 1989 machine 

Thorne, AL, 1981 machine 

Stamm, IN, 1970’s machine 

Hankins, KS, 2000 machine 

Dodge, MA, 1981 machine 

Corbett, VA 1993 machine

Whitten, TN, 1982 machine  

Winans, FL, 1979 machine

Olsen, NV, 1981 machine  

Moxley, OH, 1970’s machine 

Flannery, SC, 1982 machine 

4 more on hand to repair, 1 incoming.
Here’s the internal switch on a beautiful Franklin 3/4 hp motor from a greenie Mark V