18 headstocks rebuilt in February 2017

I am working at a near  normal pace again after my December accident. But, lots of machines are coming in so I am working 7 days a week to keep up!

18 Headstocks rebuilt in February 2017

Terwilliger, FL, 1981 machine 

Quigley, PA , 1985 machine 

Richardson, SC,  1987 machine 

Hallsell, AR,  1981 machine 

Smith, WA , 1981 machine 

Munson, MN,  1985 machine 

Medina, NJ , 1955 machine 

Beason, NV 1981 machine 

Jensen, MN, 1990 machine 

Juric, MA, 1988 machine 

Fuller, MI, 1986 machine 

Sharashkin, MO, 1981 machine 

Bird,  NY, 1985 machine

Scott, AL, 1986 machine 

Dickson, SC,  1954 machine  

Cartwright, AR, 1992 machine 

Donnelly, TN, 1982 machine 

Shuper, CA, 1980 machine 

4 on hand to rebuild going into March.

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A couple of nice thank you emails from recent repair customers:

Hello Jacob,  

Hope you are well.  I am sending this message on behalf of my husband,  He received the headstock that you returned to him, thank you.  He immediately put it on the machine and began to work with it!  He is very pleased with the work that you did and loves the hum of the motor.

Thank you for your promptness and efficiency, it is much appreciated.  Be well.

I would like to take this time to thank you for the outstanding work you did on my 35 yr old SS.  It’s running the best and quietest since I inherited it from my father almost 20 years ago.  And your turnaround time of a little over a week in spite of recovering from your injuries was fantastic.  I will heed your good advice on maintenance and care and look forward to working with you again in the future.