16 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2017

Since I began specializing in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs a little over 9 years ago, I have rebuilt over 1,400 units, plus scads of motors, components, and shipped thousands of videos and repair parts to do it yourselfers.

16 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2017:

Trook, PA, 1985 machine

Dickson, PA, mid 1970’s  machine 

Munson, NV, 1955 machine 

Graf, WI, 1999 machine 

Hulse, OH, 2001 machine 

Haban, AZ, 1982 machine 

Hildebrand, VA, 1954 machine

Tocco, MI, 1993 machine  

Wild, VA, 1954 machine 

Wong, CA, 1984 machine

Thompson, MN, 1984 machine  

Kulvete, CO, 1985 machine

Price, FL, 1982 machine  

Ressler, MI, 1982 machine 

Fisher, OR, 1988 machine 

Sexton, SC, 1981 machine 

 5 incoming to start April off.

Here are emails from recent repair customers:

I got the headstock this morning, Jacob, and it runs like a charm! Thank you so very much!


Thanks for the great service and rapid turnaround. Everything went is as you advertised. Glad I found your web site. Joe

Here’s a switch on a recent repair I definitely had to replace to make the machine safer!