12 headstocks rebuilt in April 2017

April is usually a pretty quiet month, but was a little busier than some years. I enjoyed having a few days off 

12 Headstocks rebuilt so far in April 2017:

Cullen, VA, 1986 machine 

Condos, PA, modified 1956 machine 

Rez, CA, 1989 machine 

Mustin, WA, 1955 machine 

Kroll, MI, 1979 machine 

Wornock, AR, 1985 machine 

Knapik. MA, 1955 machine 

Smith, TX, 1988 machine 

Quick tuneups for 2 travelling customers

Willner, CA, 1980 machine 

Conklin,VA, 1984 machine 

Childress, VA, 1990 machine 

3 on hand to rebuild, and 1 incoming.

Here’s are thank you emails from recent customers:

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the prompt and thorough rebuild you did on my early 1990s machine.  I’ve had a chance to run it through it’s paces and it performs as I imagined it did brand new — perhaps better.

You are now in my permanent contact list.

Thanks again, Jim

As, for your handiwork, it was worth the two weeks it cost me without the unit (it all became a moot pointe anyway because the unit was not running anyway). The unit runs extremely well and is much quieter (to be read as tighter) than   when the unit left my place. And all for a reasonable cost!

So I say thank you for there turn-around time and a reasonable cost to repair. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



And one from a parts store customer:

Part received today(bearing and button) that was shipped Friday. Up and running! Thanks for your quick response and the video for the repair was great!

Thanks! Let me know if you need good feedback Thanks , Norm

The idler shaft/eccentric bushing/casting interface on the typical Mark V headstock.