10 headstocks rebuilt in June 2017

Fair warning: I’ll be taking some time off this summer so be sure to check here on the website before shipping me your headstock or components for servicing. Email me before doing so. Plan ahead.

For parts orders, check my web site’s access page and also be sure to look at the header on the web store so you know when your order will go out.

My only planned time off is as follows. There is lots of time to get your machine serviced since turnaround is usually a week or less depending on how quickly you pay.

In July I am taking 5 days off mid month.

In August I am taking the first 2 weeks off.

10 Headstocks rebuilt so far in June 2017:

Cooper, MS, 1984 machine 

Kovacs, AZ, 1993 machine 

McCrary, FL, 1985 machine 

Milich, NJ, 1982 machine

Ness, MD, 1988 machine

Orr, AR, 1987 machine 

Sanders, CA, 1954 machine 

Wharrey, PA, 1997 machine 

Bader, FL, 1983 machine 

Hilt, AS, 1985 machine 

2 on hand to rebuild, and 5 incoming.

Here’s a thank you email from a recent customer:

Jacob, Thank you for the quick response on my headstock.  It is back in place and works well.  I appreciate your work.


Here’s a shot of the single bearing Emerson motor which I do not like. This one had a ruined rear bushing and shaft and was so damaged we had to replace the motor for this customer.