13 headstocks rebuilt in December 2017

162 machines rebuilt in 2017!

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy your craft and gift making in your workshops. I am working on machines and components all December long if you need repairs, as well as shipping out repair parts, manuals, lubes, tools and videos from my online store.

13 Headstocks rebuilt in December, 2017:

Sedlacek, IA, 1954 machine

Shreading, TX, 1984 machine

Harmon, PA, 1984 machine

Mashburn, CO, 1955 machine

Eckman, CO, 1957 machine

Browning, ID, 1975 machine

Fox, VA, 1984 machine

Woolard, IL, 1984 machine

Haugen, GA, 1979 machine

Affeldt, WI, 1988 machine

Mazari, CA, 1956 machine

Stuart, FL, 1982 machine

Graceffa, IL, 1983 machine

3 on hand to rebuild, and 6 incoming.

Here are some emailed thank you’ s from recent customers:

Thanks Jacob. I want to personally thank you for your service. I just became part of the ShopSmith family with a 30-year old 510 I found locally on craigslist. When I switched it on I can immediately tell it wasn’t running right (making scraping noise, shafts were hot to the touch, speed control difficult to operate). If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what to do.

Your videos, and your store, give me the confidence that I can rebuild my new-to-me Mark V headstock to the better than factory condition. I’m really looking forward to tearing the thing apart! Sure, it may be a while before I actually cut a piece of wood, but I’ll enjoy restoring it as much as I would enjoy using it.

Received this am, mounted and checked out without a load. Seems great, looking forward to putting it to use.
Thanks again,Ron
Hi Jacob- just got the Shopsmith back to gather this week, every thing seems to be perfect thanks for the Excellent work…………Robert


Hi Jacob
I just received my head stock back in good shape. I installed it back on the tubes. Sounds great. Before I use it, I’m going to read the manual you sent. Thanks for the prompt service . Dave


Jacob, I have received my headstock, mounted it, oiled it, and it works and runs nicely. Just wanted to thank you for such professional and quality service. If I have any issues in the future I know who to turn to.
thanks, Heath
Hi Jacob
Many thanks for posting your video’s they were great and just what I needed
to repair my 1984 Johnson craft. A Taiwanese copy of a Mark V Shopsmith.
I live in Brisbane Australia. Locally obtained V belt and bearings did the trick.


Jacob: I received my SS Head back in great working order. Thank you ever so much for the great service, advice, and quick turn around time. I will forever be grateful for your service. Sincerely, Daniel
Installed the headstock and tested it. Very quiet. Thanks for a quality job. I wish I had known about you a few years back when I replaced a motor that probably needed only bearings. Thanks again. Bill

The drive sleeve bearings in this headstock disintegrated and chewed up the metal dust guards.

A beautifully preserved brownie machine I recently rebuilt.