16 headstocks rebuilt in February 2018

I took a 2 week vacation late January/early February and have been working daily since my return..

Headstocks rebuilt in Feb 2018:

Burton, NC

Pfarr, CT, 1981 machine

Thompson, NY, 1953 machine

Woodham, VA, 1989 machine

Barnett, VA, 1954 machine

Koile, AZ, 1982 machine

Harbin, PA, 1981 machine

Roper, AL, 1956 machine

Neklason, WA, 1980 machine

Austin, NJ, 1981 machine

Robbs, TN, 1984 machine

Hutchison, NC, 1984 machine

Markley, NH, 1983 machine

Bockius, DE, 1981 machine

Haines, OR, 1990 machine

McAteer, ID, 1985 machine

6 machines on hand and 1 incoming for March repairs.

Here are a few recent thank you emails from customers.

Hi Jacob,

I want to thank you for your prompt delivery of the drive belt. I had a belt on order for a month from Shopsmith. I called them and they said it would take another month to deliver the belt. I canceled the order and ordered it from you. I will be ordering all future parts from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Jacob,

Thank you very much for your efforts with my headstock and for these PDF’s. It has been a pleasure dealing with you; your communications and service have been prompt and professional. I look forward to receiving my headstock (for which I received a shipping notification from FedEx earlier) and getting back to work.
I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone that asks for Shopsmith service.

Hi Jacob. I received my headstock today and it sounds much better, thank you! George

Thanks, Jacob. I want to compliment you on your communication. So many businesses just don’t do that very well. In terms of keeping communication move timely, you do it as well as anyone I’ve done business with. Very impressive!


I couldn’t operate without my two 12 ton shop presses.