21 headstocks rebuilt in March, 2018

Whew, getting tired. I worked 38 days straight and finally took a few days off. Lots of tasks to do when you are a one man operation!

Headstocks rebuilt in March, 2018

Kruck, FL, 1980 machine

Stolee, MN, 1980 machine

Galles, IA, 1983 machine

Britton, OR, 1988 machine

Haluska, TX, 1995 machine

Selby, NJ, 1981 machine

Driggars, AL, 1956 machine

Dean, TX, 1970’s machine

Simpson, MD, 1981 machine

Gartner, FL, 1970s machine

Torelli, TN, 1980 machine

Air Museum, IN, 1953 machine

Pates, MN, 1956 machine

Hoffman, MN, 1992 machine

Dunham, NJ, 1992 machine

Sohm, MA, 1983 machine

Goodrich, UT, 2001 machine

Stetson, RI, 1988 machine

Stewart, NC, 1979 machine

Jeffers, OH, 1954 machine

Soules, NM, 1991 machine

3 more on hand to repair, plus 4 incoming and 3 locals who want to bring theirs in soon.

Here are some thank you emails from recent customers:

Got it today, put it together and like so many others who have commented, it runs fabulously! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!

Best wishes, Mike

Hi Jacob,

Headstock arrived back home today – and it runs like a new one!
Thanks so much for your excellent work.

Headstock arrived safely yesterday. Installed it last evening. Runs beautifully. Thank-you so much. – Art

Received my order this afternoon and already installed my new switch. Works as described. I’m thrilled with the switch and the prompt service. Thanks again. John See my online store for parts if you are a talented repair it yourselfer.