19 headstocks rebuilt in April, 2018

I am now limiting the number of machines I accept each month to 15. To reserve your place in line for the month of May, go to my web store and pay the deposit of $50 which will apply towards your repair.

19 Headstocks rebuilt so far in April, 2018

Landry, FL, 1986 machine

Westling, NC, 1988 machine

Bland, CA, 1985 machine

Diercks, WA, 1982 machine

Baker, MI, 1985 machine

Hallman, TX, 1955 machine

Matheny, KY, 1985 machine

Boni, FL, 1981 machine

Mason, MD, 1955 machine

Heisler, SC, 1981 machine

Frank, IN, 1962 machine

Swetman, FL, 1988 machine

Palko, VA, 1983 machine

Lewis, VA, 1982 machine

Schneider, CA, 1973 machine

Davies, VA, 1988 machine

Proffitt, MO, 1954 machine

Porto, KS , 1984 machine

Kaiser, PA, 1982 machine

6 on hand to rebuild and 1 incoming going into May.

Interesting fact: aluminum melts at over 1,100 degrees. I have seen many machines like this with the quadrants melted thru. Be sure to stop your Shopsmith when you hear any metal on metal noises.