10 headstocks rebuilt in August 2018

For September I am again accepting only a maximum of 15 headstocks for the month. Slots for repairs for September are now available.

Headstocks rebuilt in August, 2018

Howard, WA, 1996 machine

Derenthal, FL, 1981 machine

Ridder, MO, 1981 machine

Theis, NY, 1979 machine

Ranallo, GA, 1979 machine

Crandall, TN, 1977 machine

Heath, ID, 1962 machine

Nelson, NE, 1980 machine

Salwasser, MN, 1956 machine

Strauss, VA, 1988 machine

No headstock on hand to be rebuilt, but 3 incoming for September repair.

Here are some recent thank you emails from customers:

Wow this was fast! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to using my shop smith again. Keith

Mr. Anderson, I received my overhauled headstock on Thursday, right on schedule. I installed it on its rails and plugged it in. The headstock purrs like a kitten. Thank you very much for your work on it. The process is transparent, the turnaround is fast, and the repair gives me essentially a brand-new machine.

Thanks again for your fantastic service. Best regards, Paul

Hello Jacob, I got the machine back together and it runs smooth and quiet. Thanks for your help, great videos. John

I received my shopsmith on Friday from fedex. Works and sounds like it did in 81. Thank you for your work and your prompt responses. My daughters have a list of projects ready for me😀 Steve

Wow Jacob, You have been such a pleasure to work with. Your business model is superb. I can not thank you enough. I wish you the best of all good things.

Thanks again Jacob. It’s assembled and working great. It is a great service you provide for Shop Smith owners. Even for greenies like mine.



Don’t ignore metal on metal grinding sounds or you can cause even more damage. Stop the machine and inspect!