February 2019

I am suffering more and more from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my hands, so I am doing very limited numbers of repairs for some relief.

I am taking a very limited number of machines for repair right now (just 10 for March). My hands are very beat up from years of hard work, and I’m limiting work to every other day, just 3 machines a week.

March slots sold out in a day. Next slots won’t open until late April.

7 Headstocks rebuilt in February:

Perucci, GA, 1981 machine

Burpee, TX, 1956 machine

Avery #2, CT, 2007 machine

Galkiewicz, NY, 1986 machine

Zemcuznikov, MO, 1978 machine

Wales, CO, 1955 machine

Larson, SD, 1984 machine

3 headstocks on hand to be rebuilt, and 7 incoming for March.

These replacement items are typically needed for a 10+ year old headstock to operate correctly: both belts, drive sleeve bearings, quill bearing and switch.