10 headstocks rebuilt in May 2019

Headstocks rebuilt in May 2019

Hanson, IL, 1990 machine

Weaver, CO, 1988 machine

Sanford, OK, 1985 machine

Braig, TX, 1982 machine

Swimeley, WY, 1980 machine

Katzenbach, NV, 1985 machine

Dudek, GA, 1983 machine

Jenkins, SC, 1979 machine

Marr, VA, 1990 machine

Sturgeon, ME, 1982 machine

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Some recent thank you emails from customers:

Great, thanks for having this great service!! Ed

Just wanted to say thanks, it arrived today and works great! Haven’t used this machine since i was a kid in my grandpa’s garage. He started my woodworking interest and taught me many life lessons as we worked out in the shop. You run a great business, thanks. Anthony

Hi Jacob, I finally got my shopsmith back together last week, and with the new motor bearings, it just hums. I never knew how it was supposed to sound until now. Thank you for your help! Jim

Thanks, Jacob. Another satisfied customer. Jim