October, 2019

3 Headstocks rebuilt so far in October, 2019

Brown, KY, 1982 machine

Daniels, OH, 1981 machine

Serritella, CA, 2003 machine

1 currently on hand to be rebuilt, and 2 incoming so it is a great time to send yours in.

14 headstocks rebuilt in September 2019

Rebuilt in September 2019

Ancellotti, VA, 1986 machine

Dickerson, IN, 1979 machine

Cervi, VA, 1982 machine

Bequette, WI, 1983 machine

Rose, GA, 1979 machine

Estep, PA, 1954 machine

Gorum, AL, 1982 machine

Gosbee, ME, 1979 machine

Gatling, NC, 1980 machine

Geijer, GA, 1992 machine

Craft, VA, 1955 machine

Stanbaugh, PA, 1991 machine

Sweeney, NY, 1982 machine

Phillips, MI, 1984 machine

3 on hand to be rebuilt, none incoming.

9 headstocks rebuilt in August 2019

Headstocks rebuilt in August 2019

Gelbrich, OR, 1982 machine

Hall, WV, 1985 machine

McDonald, GA, 1982 machine

Pittenger, VA, 1982 machine

Larason, MD, 1954 machine

Disney, CA, 1986 machine

Fonville, TX, 1955 machine

Atteberry, CA, 1962 machine

Lampkin, VA, 1982 machine

1 on hand to be rebuilt and 2 incoming, so it is a great time to send yours in for service in September.

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8 headstocks rebuilt in July 2019

Headstocks rebuilt in July 2019

Murray, VA, 1997 machine

Carpenter, TX, 1983 machine

McCracken, KS, 1979 machine

Troupe, FL, 1993 machine

Pronga, IA, 1983 machine

Smith, TN, 1984 machine

Koch, PA, 1979 machine

Kurko, PA, 1985 machine

2 on hand to be rebuilt.

June 2019

49 machines rebuilt so far in 2019

My shop and web store were closed the first half of June for a trip but I am back and accepting headstocks for work now.

Be sure to utilize all of my online resources to help you maintain, troubleshoot and repair your headstock. This includes my videos, downloadable info, and various reference pages here on this web site.

6 Headstocks rebuilt this month:

Day, GA, 1982 machine

Plank, AL, 1985 machine

Kapuscinski, MI, 1955 machine

Smith, MI, 1982 machine

Bednarczyk, MA, 1982 machine

Conner, AZ, 1978 machine

2 headstocks on hand to be rebuilt, 3 currently incoming for service.

10 headstocks rebuilt in May 2019

Headstocks rebuilt in May 2019

Hanson, IL, 1990 machine

Weaver, CO, 1988 machine

Sanford, OK, 1985 machine

Braig, TX, 1982 machine

Swimeley, WY, 1980 machine

Katzenbach, NV, 1985 machine

Dudek, GA, 1983 machine

Jenkins, SC, 1979 machine

Marr, VA, 1990 machine

Sturgeon, ME, 1982 machine

Email me to schedule your service for June.

Some recent thank you emails from customers:

Great, thanks for having this great service!! Ed

Just wanted to say thanks, it arrived today and works great! Haven’t used this machine since i was a kid in my grandpa’s garage. He started my woodworking interest and taught me many life lessons as we worked out in the shop. You run a great business, thanks. Anthony

Hi Jacob, I finally got my shopsmith back together last week, and with the new motor bearings, it just hums. I never knew how it was supposed to sound until now. Thank you for your help! Jim

Thanks, Jacob. Another satisfied customer. Jim

6 headstocks rebuilt in April 2019

My repair shop and my web store were closed the first half of the month for a trip but are open now.

Some slots for May repairs are now available and more will be available mid May. Reservation slots for headstock repairs for April sold out quickly as usual.

6 Headstocks rebuilt this month:

Reese, MD, 1978 machine

Carricato, PA, 1983 machine

Rogers, MI, 1984 machine

Alcorn, VA, 1977 machine

Mahnke, SC, 1979 machine

Leuchtmann, CO, 1983 machine

3 headstocks on hand to be rebuilt going into May and 3 incoming, plus a few slots are open still for May repairs.

Be sure to see the FAQs page here to answer most questions you may have.

Be sure to utilize the extensive information provided here on this web site to help you with maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs to your Mark V headstock.

10 headstocks rebuilt in March 2019

Slots for March sold out in 24 hours. The next slots won’t open until mid April due to a trip early April.

Headstocks rebuilt in March 2019

Nelson, CO, 1981 machine

Hendricks, SC 1980 machine

Koone, TX, 1978 machine

Chapman, PA, 1983 machine

Nousaine, CA, 1956 machine

Hitchcock, WV, 1955 machine

Serinese, NJ, 1982 machine

VanBuskirk, TN, 1984 machine

Dugan, PA, 1956 machine

Condit, UT, 1955 machine

That’s all the machines I accepted for the month.

7 headstocks rebuilt in February 2019

I am taking a very limited number of machines for repair right now (just 10 for March).

Headstocks rebuilt in February:

Perucci, GA, 1981 machine

Burpee, TX, 1956 machine

Avery #2, CT, 2007 machine

Galkiewicz, NY, 1986 machine

Zemcuznikov, MO, 1978 machine

Wales, CO, 1955 machine

Larson, SD, 1984 machine

3 headstocks on hand to be rebuilt, and 7 incoming for March.

These replacement items are typically needed for a 10+ year old headstock to operate correctly: both belts, drive sleeve bearings, quill bearing and switch.

10 headstocks rebuilt in January 2019

Web store will be closed from 9 am EST Friday Jan 25 until Saturday Feb 2 for a winter get away trip.

10 headstocks rebuilt in January 2019

Hamilton, PA, 1956 machine

Anderson, MA, 1981 machine

Cusack, MA, 1974 machine

Blake, NY, 1953 machine

Nicholson, WA, 1978 machine

Finley, MO, 1981 machine

Braid, WA, 1981 machine

Sperry, CA, 1989 machine

Rohrer, IL, 1961 machine

Avery, CT, 1981 machine

That’s all I’m doing this month.

Some thank you emails from recent customers:

Thank you. I received the headstock today. I look forward to finishing the restoration and using the Shopsmith. Have a Merry Christmas!

The Christ is Risen, Damian

Thanks Jacob. I received my headstock Friday and installed it today. Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great job. Steve