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Motor rebuild video

Motor rebuild video

  • $ 10.00

This video is privately hosted on YouTube so you can watch it from your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

4 separate videos are available for each of the major motors used by Shopsmith in Mark V's over the years.

Tell me which motor you have so I email you the correct link.

GE boxback 3/4 hp

AO Smith 3/4 hp

Franklin 3/4 hp

GE/AO Smith box back 1-1/8 hp

GE/AO Smith roundback 1-1/8 hp or

Emerson or US Motors 1-1/8 hp

Each video is an edited for time, over the shoulder recording of me rebuilding the motor with over dubbed comments on the steps for rebuilding the motor. I offer these for customers who just need to rebuild their motor and who have the mechanical skills and tools to undertake such a repair.