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The only emails I respond to are from headstock repair customers.

The only phone calls I accept or return are from current headstock service customers.


Questions I won’t deal with, either on the phone or in an email:
“I’m thinking of buying a Shopsmith, what do I look for, is it a good deal, etc”
“How do I…” ( answered in my videos, troubleshooting guide, pdf owners manuals, etc)
“What do you think is wrong with my…”

“Do you sell…” (look in my web store, that’s all I sell)
“You know that thingamajig that attaches to the doohickey. ..”

“How much should I ask for my Shopsmith?”

If you email me and don’t receive a response, this is probably why! Do some reading, watch all related videos, go thru your owners manual, etc.


Phone number:
I no longer share my phone number because of the extensive nature of this website, and due to the popularity of my YouTube videos. My videos have had over 300,000 views and many people love to pick up the phone after watching a video for chit chat. I have had far too many people call and ask questions answered here, in manuals, in my troubleshooting guide, or in my videos.


Headstock service customers only, contact me via email.
See my page “How to ship your headstock to me” for instructions.

Same thing, please don’t email me to ask things covered here, in your owners manual, my troubleshooting guide or in my videos. I only answer questions about my headstock or component repair services. But there is enough info here you shouldn’t have to ask me about those.

Email me from the account you will look at for replies: whether that be your personal account, or work account. Check your spam folder too in case.

This is about typical for phone calls, which is why I don’t answer any!


I have a Facebook fanpage too, “Jacob’s Repair Shop” but I don’t respond to posts there. It is merely to post updates on daily workflow on headstocks.



Headstock or component repair customers will receive my address when they arrange those services with me. I am in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

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  1. Jacob you have done a great job on my headstock it is like a new one again. thank you garry tanner

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