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A source for parts, accessories, special purpose tools, manuals, etc. Sign up on their email list for email specials.

The company folded and reorganized so it is not quite as big as it used to be.


I don’t use this much but many people swear by it both for buying and for selling. Sort of a free classified ad section on the net. Search by city and by keywords.


A good place to search for used and new components. Searches to use include Shopsmith, Shop Smith, 10e, 10er, Mark V, etc. You have to do your research first, many sellers don’t know Shopsmith products or machines very well, so describe things incorrectly, don’t know what should have come with it, etc. Know what will fit your machine and bid carefully.

Yahoo users groups and
Shopsmith forums

There are many Shopsmith related users groups on yahoo. Including two I created, Sawsmith and vbshopsmithusers
Again, be careful with forums. There is a horrendous amount of misinformation out there, things that are perpetuated online by ignorant owners. I wince everytime I read forums! But I don’t have time or energy to set things straight there.

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I keep a daily activity blog here, post photos of curiosities, thank you letters, a few instructional photo essays to answer customer questions.