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I have filmed and uploaded 39 short videos to Youtube, see a separate page for titles and direct links to the videos. Or you can search by my YouTube user id jacobvb10 or by typing in Shopsmith repair.

Shopsmith Mark V headstock repair full length videos

Available only through my online store

I sell YouTube hosted copies of my Dvds now. I sold the last copies of the dvds and will not be printing any more. The YouTube versions can be watched from any device with internet access.

Below is a description of my formerly available dvds.

A 2 DVD set covering headstock and motor repairs for Shopsmith Mark V’s, all models and ages from 1953 to present (non digital motors).


Disk 1 Repairing the Shopsmith Mark V Headstock copyright 2008 Jacob Anderson
This 93 minute video takes you through a complete rebuild of a Shopsmith Mark V headstock. This video is for the mechanically competent, adventurous Shopsmith owner who has the proper tools and problem solving skills to tackle this undertaking. It covers the most common problems encountered and their solutions. It encompasses a complete teardown, component by component inspection and evaluation, installing new bearings, belts and other common wear parts, proper cleaning, reassembly, lubing, tensioning, alignments and calibrations for the headstock. It covers how to work on the headstock either still on the machine bench or, as I prefer, removed to be repaired on a workbench. Many of the techniques also apply to other Shopsmith multi-purpose machines such as 10e/er, Mark II, and the Mark VII. It will also help owners of Shopsmith clones. It covers both the Gilmer and Poly V drive systems, and Type A, B, and C headstock castings. 4 styles of motors are shown, 3 variations on the eccentric/idler interface, the single bearing quill and 3 variations of the 2 bearing quill.


Disk 2 Motor repair for Shopsmith Mark V headstocks copyright 2008 Jacob Anderson
This 1 hr 26 minute video takes you through troubleshooting, tips, frequently asked questions and common repairs to the various electric motors used in Shopsmith Mark V headstocks from 1953 to present. It is a companion to the headstock repair video. It covers the most common problems encountered and their solutions. It encompasses a complete teardown, component by component inspection and evaluation, installing new bearings, and other common wear parts, proper cleaning, reassembly, and lubing for the motor and its sheave assembly, cord and switch. It covers the following motors:
GE or AO Smith 3/4 hp;Franklin 3/4 hp;GE or AO Smith 1-1/8 hp;Emerson 1-1/8 hp
It will also help owners of Shopsmith clones. It discusses 110 and 220 volt motors and dual voltage motors as well.
This video is not for the owner who does not have access to a shop press for bearing work, bearing separators, snap ring pliers, an electric circuit tester and other specialized equipment needed for the job. It is not for owners who are not 100% confident of their mechanical skills. If you are unsure if you want to tackle a rebuild yourself, you can buy this video and decide based on what you see.
This is not intended for professional use but for the home user. It is up to the viewer to research and to heed any and all safety practices necessary for shop work. If you are unsure, be sure to consult qualified professionals. Don’t expect Hollywood quality, effects, guest stars, musical numbers, tool sponsorships, explosions or car chases. This is an over the shoulder real life edited recording of an actual 3 to 4 hour typical headstock repair job, and a 1 hour motor repair, plus extras. If you listen carefully you’ll even hear dogs snoring, whining to get out, and see them walk in and out of the shots in the background. Nothing fancy but it does what it was meant to do. Nothing fancy packaging wise, either. Labeled DVD in sleeve. Enjoy!



Bandsaw tuneup and repair – $15 plus postage

Available only through my online store


This 64 minute video takes you through a complete rebuild and tune-up of a Shopsmith 11″ bandsaw, any age from 1953 to present (even those made by Magna and Yuba Corps). This video covers a complete tuneup and repair of the bandsaw including the most common problems encountered and their solutions. It encompasses a complete teardown, component by component cleaning, inspection and evaluation, installing new bearings, tires, blocks and other parts, proper cleaning, reassembly, lubing, tensioning, and alignments. It covers various upgrades and modifications the owner can make or buy. The bandsaw repair and tuneup is relatively easy and requires only common, simple tools which all woodworkers probably own.

Most of the information will also apply to clones of the Shopsmith bandsaw.

Troubleshooting guide $10 plus postage

Available only thru my online store

16 pages of timeless, vital troubleshooting information for the owner of any Shopsmith Mark V manufactured from 1953 to present, any model. It is 3-hole punched for convenient addition to your owner‘s manual or other shop reference binder. Copyright 2011 by Jacob Anderson, the nation’s leading independent repair technician for Shopsmith Mark V headstocks. Shipped free via USPS first class mail to US addresses. Available world-wide. Buyers this week will also get a bonus 4-page section.

What this manual covers and why I have published it:

This troubleshooting manual is a companion to my Mark V Headstock repair DVD set and represents the knowledge gained from rebuilding over 700 headstocks in the past few years. This guide is designed to help you figure out WHAT is wrong with your machine. To find out HOW to fix the things you find, you will need to look to other sources such as my headstock repair DVD set, my website, my Facebook fan page or to your Shopsmith owner’s manual and replacement parts instruction sheets.


Customers call me and email me daily describing a problem and asking, “what could it be?” I simply cannot convey this information over the phone or in a short email. So this troubleshooting guide is to help with this matter. Now all I have to say or write is, “buy my troubleshooting guide!”

I have been avidly and actively involved in using, buying, repairing, tuning up and selling Shopsmith tools for over a decade now. In 2008, I began specializing solely in the repair and tuneup of Mark V headstocks. To date I have rebuilt over 700 of them, averaging about 150 a year. This troubleshooting manual puts on paper a distillation of what I have learned from handling this large quantity of repairs in a short period of time as an independent repair technician. Over the years, Shopsmith has published troubleshooting guides but with only 3 or 4 pages covering the headstock. In reviewing their guides, I see many glaring omissions and even some absolute errors and want to help the do-it-yourselfer zero in better on what ails their machine.

I have attempted to make this troubleshooting manual exhaustive, covering all possible explanations for these symptoms. I have seen everything shown here and it is about triple the material Shopsmith has had in their troubleshooting guides so I feel it will certainly help you to figure out what is ailing your machine.

Once you’ve uncovered the problem(s), it may be simple enough to fix yourself, or you may prefer to send the component(s) to me for work, or the entire headstock if there are multiple problems, or if it is way over your head. At any rate, this will get you started and hopefully your problems are easily solved and you will understand your machine better.

The troubleshooting manual includes solutions for:

Motor and electrical problems

Lack of power


Bad noises

Burning smell


Bogging down


Speed problems

Belt problems including premature wear

Shaft problems including the wobbling quill

Sheave problems

Uncooperative locks

Quill advance/retraction problems.

Plus sections on:
Tips for maintaining your headstock

Frequently asked questions

Essential tools and supplies for troubleshooting and repair

Frequency of major parts needing replacement

Links and sources for parts and supplies