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Tools and items needed to repair a typical headstock

People who buy my repair videos often ask me what tools and things they may need to tackle the job themselves. A certain number of these items are required for every headstock job, but some I only use a few times a year. But here is a photo tour of the tools and items I use the most. Note how beat up some of them are! I replace some items they get so worn out. I have also made a few custom items to make life easier for me as well.

12 ton floor size bearing presses, definitely essential.

Snap ring (retaining ring) pliers

Bearing separators

Other gear pullers/bearing pullers. On the left is my motor spring compressor.

Punches, rollpin punches, bench anvil and vise, wire brushes, capacitor tester. A couple of the punches are custom mods by me.

Electrical testers, terminal cleaner, liquid electrical insulation, wiring pliers.

I often need to replace wires or extend them, replace terminals, cover cracked insulation, etc.

Once in a while I need to drill and tap, or clean up threads, so I have various taps and dies, this is one big set.

Files, rotary file, dremel multipurpose tool mostly used for cutting off or reslotting a stripped screwhead.

Air duster, super glue (occasionally need epoxy too), lock tight, bearing mount, wood putty, penetrating oil, shaft lubing oil.

Automobile grease, needle grease gun.