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Mark V Headstock repair video on Youtube by Jacob Anderson

Mark V Headstock repair video on Youtube by Jacob Anderson

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My popular dvd repair video is now available on Youtube for access and viewing from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access!

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This 2 part video (approx 41 min each) cover standard headstock and repairs for Shopsmith Mark V's, all models and ages from 1953 to present.

Repairing the Shopsmith Mark V Headstock copyright 2008 Jacob Anderson

This 83 minute (total) video takes you through a complete rebuild of a Shopsmith Mark V headstock. This video is for the mechanically competent, adventurous Shopsmith owner who has the proper tools and problem solving skills to tackle this undertaking. It covers the most common problems encountered and their solutions. It encompasses a complete teardown, component by component inspection and evaluation, installing new bearings, belts and other common wear parts, proper cleaning, reassembly, lubing, tensioning, alignments and calibrations for the headstock. It covers how to work on the headstock either still on the machine bench or, as I prefer, removed to be repaired on a workbench.

Many of the techniques also apply to other Shopsmith multi-purpose machines such as 10e/er, Mark II, and the Mark VII. It will also help owners of Shopsmith clones. It covers both the Gilmer and Poly V drive systems, and Type A, B, and C headstock castings, 3 variations on the eccentric/idler interface, the single bearing quill and 3 variations of the 2 bearing quill.

This video is not for the owner who does not have access to a shop press for bearing work, bearing separators, snap ring pliers and other specialized equipment needed for the job. It is not for owners who are not 100% confident of their mechanical skills.