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Rebuild essentials kit

Rebuild essentials kit

  • $ 20.00

Here are 5 items in a kit to help you have a successful rebuild experience.

The penetrating oil will help you free stuck sheaves, bolts, screws, setscrews, eccentric bushing, etc. These parts are frequently rusted together.

The other items help when you are reassembling.

The lubricating oil is needed to keeps the sheaves moving so speeds can change.

The small vial of lube is the perfect amount to use on your speed control quadrant/worm gear.

The small vial of threadlock will help keep setscrews,  bolts, etc from vibrating loose over time.

The small vial of anti seize helps with your eccentric and your quill advance which could rust together again over time due to the properties of dissimilar metals in contact in damp workshop environments.