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B- Replacement on/off switch for Shopsmith Mark V headstock 1991 and newer

  • $ 25.00

The rectangular red "safety key" switch used by Shopsmith on Mark V headstock since 1991 is prone to problems. The removable key is easily lost, the rear portion of it gets worn and fails to turn the machine on and or off after a while. I have been replacing them with the switch shown on the right in all my repairs on these machines. It is a simple rocker switch, no part to remove, nothing to get worn out, nothing to lose. It fits the rectangular hole in the headstock casting perfectly. It is rated for continuous use, 20 amp, and is a double pole, single throw switch with 4 tab connectors on the back. If you have a switch with just two connectors, this still works fine. Just connect your two wires to either the left side or the right side of this switch, both on the same side. If your switch has four attached wires coming out of the back, you may need to lengthen your wires slightly to reach the tabs on this switch, very easy to do. This switch will not work on headstocks older than 1991, for those, see the toggle switch sold separately here.

See the video for how to replace it on my web site.