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PDF Troubleshooting manual for Shopsmith Mark V headstocks by Jacob Anderson

PDF Troubleshooting manual for Shopsmith Mark V headstocks by Jacob Anderson

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20 pages of timeless, vital troubleshooting information for the owner of any Shopsmith Mark V manufactured from 1953 to present, any model. PDF file format, the link will be emailed to you on shipping day (sometimes earlier) as noted at the top of the web site. Copyright 2011 by Jacob Anderson, the nation’s leading independent repair technician for Shopsmith Mark V headstocks. Available world-wide. 

What this manual covers and why I have published it:

This troubleshooting manual is a companion to my Mark V Headstock repair DVD set and represents the knowledge gained from rebuilding over 700 headstocks in the past few years. This guide is designed to help you figure out WHAT is wrong with your machine. To find out HOW to fix the things you find, you will need to look to other sources such as my headstock repair DVD set, my website, my Facebook fan page or to your Shopsmith owner’s manual and replacement parts instruction sheets.

Customers call me and email me daily describing a problem and asking, “what could it be?” I simply cannot convey this information over the phone or in a short email. So this troubleshooting guide is to help with this matter. Now all I have to say or write is, “buy my troubleshooting guide!”

I have been avidly and actively involved in using, buying, repairing, tuning up and selling Shopsmith tools for over a decade now. In 2008, I began specializing solely in the repair and tuneup of Mark V headstocks. To date I have rebuilt over 1,600 of them, averaging about 150 a year. This troubleshooting manual puts on paper a distillation of what I have learned from handling this large quantity of repairs in a short period of time as an independent repair technician. Over the years, Shopsmith has published troubleshooting guides but with only 3 or 4 pages covering the headstock. In reviewing their guides, I see many glaring omissions and even some absolute errors and want to help the do-it-yourselfer zero in better on what ails their machine.

I have attempted to make this troubleshooting manual exhaustive, covering all possible explanations for these symptoms. I have seen everything shown here and it is about triple the material Shopsmith has had in their troubleshooting guides so I feel it will certainly help you to figure out what is ailing your machine.

Once you’ve uncovered the problem(s), it may be simple enough to fix yourself, or you may prefer to send the component(s) to me for work, or the entire headstock if there are multiple problems, or if it is way over your head. At any rate, this will get you started and hopefully your problems are easily solved and you will understand your machine better.

The troubleshooting manual includes solutions for:

Motor and electrical problems

Lack of power


Bad noises

Burning smell


Bogging down


Speed problems

Belt problems including premature wear

Shaft problems including the wobbling quill

Sheave problems

Uncooperative locks

Quill advance/retraction problems.

Plus sections on:

Tips for maintaining your headstock

Frequently asked questions

Essential tools and supplies for troubleshooting and repair

Frequency of major parts needing replacement

 Links and sources for parts and supplies