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Tuneup & repair your Shopsmith BANDSAW DVD

Tuneup & repair your Shopsmith BANDSAW DVD

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This 64 minute video takes you through a complete rebuild and tune-up of a Shopsmith 11" bandsaw, any age from 1953 to present (even those made by Magna and Yuba Corps). This video covers a complete tuneup and repair of the bandsaw including the most common problems encountered and their solutions. It encompasses a complete teardown, component by component cleaning, inspection and evaluation, installing new bearings,  tires, blocks and other parts, proper cleaning, reassembly, lubing, tensioning, and alignments. It covers various upgrades and modifications the owner can make or buy. The bandsaw repair and tuneup is relatively easy and requires only common, simple tools which all woodworkers probably own.

Most of the information will also apply to clones of the Shopsmith bandsaw.

This video is in NTSC format for foreign country customers (most countries used PAL TV's and equipment, research what you need before ordering).

This is not intended for professional use but for the home user. It is up to the viewer to research and to heed any and all safety practices necessary for shop work. If you are unsure, be sure to consult qualified professionals.

Don't expect Hollywood quality, effects, guest stars, musical numbers, tool sponsorships, explosions or car chases. This is an over the shoulder real life edited recording of an actual 2 to 3 hour typical bandsaw repair job, plus extras. If you listen carefully you'll even hear dogs snoring, and see them walk in and out of the shots in the background. Nothing fancy but it does what it was meant to do. Nothing fancy packaging wise, either. Labeled DVD in sleeve. Bonus info includes Jacob's complete contact info, web based users' groups, Shopsmith parts order phone # and web address.

Rave reviews received, see feedback!

"Your videos are much more thorough and easier to follow than those by Shopsmith. Thank you, very well done. You don't give yourself enough credit." John G. of California

"Another one well done Jacob. Your DVD's are a great resource and this one is no exception. I think these rank just after PTWFE and the owner's manual in "must haves". "
Ron R. of Arizona

This auction is for DVD video.

This is an independent video and does not infringe on any copyrights or intellectual property owned by Shopsmith, Inc.  Any reasonable person reading this ad would know that this is an independent product and not from Shopsmith, Inc. I do not use the Shopsmith logo, nor any of their photographs, nor any of their descriptions in this ad nor in the video. I make no claim expressed or implied that I am affiliated with or endorsed by Shopsmith Inc. In fact I state clearly here and in the video that I am not affiliated with them nor endorsed by them (but I should be embraced, spending $600-$1,000 a month with them for parts for repairs).

As a courtesy, I provide the Shopsmith order number and addresses as the source for parts, manuals and information. My own complete contact information is provided, along with users' groups on the web. There can be no confusion that this is an independent production. It does not detract from any current or past Shopsmith product.