Return shipping charges

Continental US addresses only. No international shipping offered so don’t ask.

Below is a table of the typical shipping cost for returning your headstock to you. Sometimes it is higher if I am returning it to you in a heavy or oversized box, if you included extra components, if you used blankets or other heavy packing material, if you want replaced parts returned, or if it is an older greenie machine. Your costs shipping it to me may be slightly higher, especially if you pay for them to pack it, or buy the boxes and bubble wrap from them. Prices are my average costs to these states as of 01/2020 and subject to change. I use Fedex Ground service insured and you will receive a tracking number so you know when you will receive it.

Add $10 for heavier greenie headstocks

Add $10 for oversized boxes (over 20x20x20″)

ADD $25 if packed with any type of foam (peanuts, beadboard, foam batting, foam insulation boards, etc)

Add $25 if I need to replace your boxes or padding materials.

AL $65
AK $going rate via USPS Parcel Post or priority mail
AZ $85
AR $70
CA $90
DE $60
FL $65
GA $65
HI $going rate via USPS Parcel Post or priority mail
ID $85
IL $75
IN $70
IA $70
KS $70
KY $65
LA $75
ME $70
MD $60
MA $65
MI $70
MN $75
MS $65
MO $70
MT $85
NE $80
NV $85
NH $65
NJ $65
NM $75
NY $70
NC $65
ND $75
OH $65
OK $75
OR $90
PA $60
RI $65
SC $65
SD $75
TX $75
TN $65
UT $90
VT $65
VA $55 if shipped but pickup is free
WA $95
WV $65
WI $70
WY $80