Services and service rates

Subject to change and availability. Current as of 03/28/2018

Labor rate $100 an hour, one hour minimum except as noted below.

Headstock service (basic) for the typical machine $250 plus parts and return shipping (parts prices shown on my online store, return shipping prices listed by state on a separate page)

Headstock service with motor labor $300 plus parts and return shipping. (Greenies with either a Franklin 3/4 hp, Or AO Smith 3/4 hp boxback motor repair are $325)

Labor discounts available:

  • a machine which has never been tinkered with $25
  • following my packing directions, emails request, etc $25
  • a very clean machine (little dust, oil or grease inside) $25

Painting headstock casting, motor pan and belt pan (exterior only) for paint and labor at time of headstock work:

Gray machines $50

Brownies $60 (Copper and Gold paint scheme)

Greenies $70 (Green and Oatmeal paint scheme)

Component service (includes parts and labor) for internal headstock components you ship to me. Return shipping extra.

Single bearing quill $40 (send whole quill, not just the shaft).

Double bearing quill $60

Drive sleeve $55

Motor (shipping the entire electric motor) $105 to $145 to replace the bearings for parts and labor, plus return shipping; lesser service (such as capacitor or startup switch problems) $75 plus parts and shipping.

Motor shaft only sent, $45 to $60 depending on which motor it is.

Control sheave $30 to $45

Speed control $20 to $65

Email me for my address and to schedule shipping me your headstock or components.

Payment at time of service, payable by credit card, paypal or personal check.