Handy links for tools and supplies thru Amazon

Here are links to the most frequently needed tools and items for headstock repairs. Items you probably do not already have. Rather than driving all over town to find them, these choices are conveniently available to you from Amazon. I have selected ones with good ratings and which are currently available under the Prime free or fast shipping program. Of course, feel free to look over the other choices available since offers may change. I will receive a small referral fee if you buy from Amazon using these links. It costs you nothing more, and I appreciate the support for purchasing thru this affiliate program they have.


Snap ring (retaining ring) pliers

Bearing separator

bench vise, (drill press vise) useful in many ways

Motor capacitor tester

Multimeter electrical tester

Electric tape

liquid electrical insulation for hard to reach areas such as inside motors

wiring pliers

Air duster, I prefer to use these instead of the noisy air compressor

super glue for hairline cracks in the casting, or to set a washer, nut or case clip into place for convenience

epoxy for larger cracks or repairs, very versatile