Here are some thank you emails I have received. You can also check my Facebook fanpage for some, and see my ebay feedback for brief ones as well.

“You are really very good at keeping the clients informed of what is happening and I have NEVER had that level of service.
I just wish I could meet you and spend the afternoon looking over your shoulder as you rebuild a headstock.  But as you explain in your website, I will be able to do that with the DVD.
Thanks again for the quick work and the quick responses.” – Roy

“It is a pleasure doing business with you. With your help, I was able to repair my Shopsmith and complete two presents I was making for Christmas.” Mike

Jacob: I just put old Greenie into service and want to tell you how pleased I am with your work! It feels like a new machine. Thanks for your professionalism.

“The headstock arrived today very safely and also a very quick turnaround, thank you very much. I eagerly reinstalled it on my Mark V and was stunned at how quiet & smooth it ran. Beyond Fantastic!! I can not remember if it ran this good when it was new! To say I was impressed is an understatement. It runs exceptionly smooth throughout the speed range, no vibrations, no strange sounds,no hesitations, absolutely perfect! I thank you immensly for the super job you did!You are a real asset for Shopsmith and perhaps more importantly for EBAY! I would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation, they positively will be more than satisfied. It has been my best EBAY experience ever and I hope we will do business again in the future. Thanks again and good luck to you in all your endeavors. Bravo Jacob!! Bravo!” Bob

“Hi Jacob, The headstock arrived today and I was able to get it set back up this evening and try it out. WOW!!! I know it hasn’t run this well in years! I am absolutely thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for doing such a good job and for such a fast turn-around. It has been a true pleasure working with you. Regards,” Bob D.

“Jacob you are just awesome! You have such fast service …. Thank you so much and I am so anxious to use the Shopsmith. Best regards,” Dee
and his followup feedback: “Great service – Jacob you truly do great Shopsmith repairs! Thanks,”

“Hi Jacob, received the headstock yesterday. I put it back together today, and it ran great. Thanks so much. Being the same vintage, now if I could just get a similar tuneup….”PJ

“Dear Jacob, I’ve got the tuned up headstock on and running like a champ. Thanks very much for your service and turnaround time. May I engage your services in the future?” Tom

“Runs like a top!!! Thanks!” Robert P.

“Hi Jacob, I received the headstock back in good condition today. Thanks for the speedy service. It is back on the machine and runs perfect and is once again quiet. I am glad that you replaced all of the bearings and other parts. I think it ready for the next fifty years. I hope that I am also. Thanks again for your conversation and fine service. Best regards,” Bob W.

Here are a couple of video testimonials:

Customer comments:
“Your videos are much more thorough and easier to follow than those by Shopsmith. Thank you, very well done. You don’t give yourself enough credit.” John G. of California

“Another one well done Jacob. Your DVD’s are a great resource and this one is no exception. I think these rank just after PTWFE and the owner’s manual in “must haves”. ”
Ron R. of Arizona

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  1. Jacob,
    Sending my 1980’s Shopsmith to you was the best decision I made all year! I am so pleased with my Shopsmith’s smooth running motor since you worked your magic on it. I encourage anyone who owns a Shopsmith to send it to you if it needs rebuilt. The turnaround time was phenomenal and the price was fair. Thank you, again, Jacob, for doing such a great job on my old Shopsmith.

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