Warranty info

Warrantee info: This headstock will be warranted for only the parts I replace and for labor charged, for 90 days from receipt of completed repair. No warranty for any electrical components since parts can fail from age, voltage spikes, lightning, shop wiring problems, municipal electrical problems, heat/cold, dust getting into the motor and components, overheating from overuse, insects, rodents, etc. It is warranted for normal hobby level woodworking use only. It is void in cases including but not limited to neglect, misuse,professional use, metalworking, continuous use, shipping damage, dropping, dropping things onto/into it, exteme temperatures, fire, flood, dust, sandstorms, wet or moist conditions.  This warrantee is void if you tinker with or do any disassembly or adjustments to the machine without my approval or guidance. No returns for warranty work accepted until and unless you perform any and all troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques and work I request first, which may include supplying photos I may need to diagnose long distance the problem. This is to help save both of us time, frustration, and money.If any part I replace fails in this 90 day period, under the terms of the warranty, it will be replacedfree of charge for parts and labor. You will pay shipping charges both ways.